What we do

We create transformative summer camps and ongoing programs for teens based on the traditional wisdom of rites of passage. We support youth to have a deep experience of their human potential by facing their fears, awakening to their gifts, and ultimately, discovering the wisdom of their hearts.

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Why it matters

When we know how to listen to our heart, our life literally becomes a work of art. By helping teens develop inner confidence in their values, gifts and intuition, they make choices to carve a path in the world that's aligned with their dreams. Teenage years are the most crucial time to begin this journey, with the right support.

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Who we are

We are a diverse team of community leaders, mentors, artists, and educators who lead from our hearts. Professionals in many fields, we are united by one purpose: serving youth to create a brighter future and supporting families on the journey of wholeness and connection.

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  • You get to share things with others that you thought you would never actually share and you kind of feel you’re not the only one who is feeling a certain way.


  • Teen Journey was really awesome because we could express our gifts in order to find who we were.


  • I’d say, don’t hesitate at all. I expected the worst and I got the best.


  • Teen Journey has made a profound impact on my life and my daughter’s life. I saw this beautiful girl flourish into a young woman. I’m very proud of who she’s become.


  • I came to accompany my grandson. Having come to this program, I feel like he’s turning to the light, he’s recognizing his own brilliance and potential.