Our Intention

Show me your youth and I will show you the future of your nation -Georges Vanier


The Values We Cherish and Uphold

  • To connect through the wisdom of our heart to our deeper purpose with ourselves and with others
  • To act in integrity and responsibility at all times
  • To trust in the process
  • To share our gifts and values
  • To commit to the wellbeing and unfolding of ourselves and others

Rites of Passage

You care deeply about your teens and their future. You are doing everything you can to help them find their way towards becoming healthy, productive, creative and loving adults.

And yet, in a confusing world with many influences, it is a daunting task to know how to best support your teens. In addition – and quite rightly – your teens are seeking their own direction, pushing you away, and sometimes acting in ways that are self-destructive.

Teen Journey is changing that… At Teen Journey we create new rites of passage that are relevant to our modern world, it involves 3 Stages:

1. Separation:  Moving away from the known to the unknown.

2. Ordeal:  In order to discover their true power and who they are, it is necessary for the teen to face and overcome challenges. Through their struggles they discover a new sense of self worth and inner power. They then are able to step into their new status as a young man or woman in the larger community.

3. Return:  Giving is receiving. The young people are acknowledged by their mentors and fellow participants for the progress they have made in discovering who they are at TJ.
They then return to the larger community where family and friends have prepared a receiving ceremony for them. Each teen is celebrated by their peers and mentors to this larger community and now feel inspired to live their gifts.