Teen Journey Summer Camp 2014

Exploring Personal Destiny and Co-Creating the Village

July 26-August 4, 2014 ~ Ruby Lake, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia


Camp Theme

The theme for this year’s camp is exploring personal destiny and co-creating the village. The questions of “Who am I” and “Why am I here” are burning questions that must be fed for a young person to find a path of personal meaning in life. Our intention is to support them in bridging the states of being and doing as they begin to craft their personal identity and connect it to a larger story of destiny that the world is calling them to fulfill.  We will use the story of “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, the most translated book in the world, as a framework to guide the journey as we support the teens to recognize the threads of their fate and how to weave them into the fabric of destiny.  This is an experiential journey that will empower them with the tools to live a life of purpose and adventure if they so choose.

We use the term village in a broad sense of the word, with the guiding notion that it takes a village to raise a child. We co-create a temporary village where everyone is seen for who they are and invited to participate in fostering an environment of belonging. Unlike a traditional camp, we use the village model as a way of offering youth a different vision of individual and social potential; a place where youth, mentors, leaders, facilitators and directors are all part of colorful village fabric animated by the sincere and authentic expression of their gifts and their hearts.


Embodiment is an integral part of Teen Journey 2014, meaning that we want the youth to leave with more then just an idea of about who they are, but a felt-sense of it feels like to embody the person they want to share with the world. To do this we support our youth to get in touch with the wisdom of their bodies, the gifts of the natural world, the power of their minds and the fire in their hearts.

Our activities are divided into three categories based upon the principles of social architecture. The goal of social architecture is to weave Nature and Culture together to increase the flow of Life-force energy – the felt sense of being alive. Through daily mind-body practices they will develop a sense of personal discipline; through excursions in nature and small-scale building projects they will connect to survival skills in partnership with nature; and through music, dance and communication they will awaken new capacities for connecting with creative energy.

Our programming is designed to support the youth to tap into multiple intelligences and synthesize them into a vibrant journey of ongoing discovery of self, other and the world around them.

Nature Activities

  • Vision Quest
  • Survival Skills
  • Natural shelter building
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Nature Walks
  • Evening campfires

Culture Activities

  • Expressive Dance
  • Fine Arts
  • Drumming
  • Conscious communication
  • Sweat Lodge

Life-Force Activities

  • Chi Gong
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork

Leaders and Mentors

Teen journey has a team of exceptional leaders who are not only highly competent in what they do, but work with a larger vision of the possibilities that youth can embody. Our leaders are carefully selected not only by us but by the Universe itself, which has brought us the exact configuration of leaders to ensure a holistic representation of the knowledge transfers we wish to take place during the program.

Our mentors are a combination of experienced and passionate young men and women who work in various fields that are related to this work, as well returning Teens who have now graduated from the program and are ready to step into the next phase of their development as Teen Mentors. Our mentor-training program is designed to ensure that our mentors are capable to serve the need of the moment with clarity and compassion, and to be models of the kind of self-empowered individuals that we wish the youth to aspire to.

Please see our Leaders page to learn more about our 2014 camp leaders.

Camp Location

Ruby Lake Resort is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Nestled into the Caren Mountain Range, this land has access to some of the oldest forest in all of B.C. – with trees up to 3500 years old! This amazing resort is home to the Iris Griffith Wildlife Interpretive Nature Center, who stewards 17 acres of pristine nature reserve with hundreds of plant and animal species.

Ruby Lake itself is the warmest lake on the coast, making it a perfect place for canoeing and watersports.  Ruby Lake is also home to Spirit of the Rainforest Retreat Center.  This property contains the largest natural amphitheater on the Sunshine Coast, as well a 40 ft geodesic dome that becomes an immersive media and educational environment.

The Retreat Centre is run by a collective of artists, healers, and entrepreneurs from Vancouver and the Sunshine coast who are committed to making this a destination for individuals, families and communities to learn, heal, create and communicate through artistic productions, human potential programs and celebratory gatherings.

For more information on this beautiful property,  www.rubylakeresort.com


Youth at Teen Journey will work together with our team to co-create a temporary village made from tents and other structures on the beautiful lands of Ruby Lake Resort. This will be an exercise in creativity, collaboration and self-reliance that exposes the teens to the reality of many people around the world who live simply by putting available resources to use in practical and innovative ways.

Parent Journey

In this two and a half day intensive held at Ruby Lake Resort, August 2-4, you will explore many of the same tools that your children will be exploring in Teen Journey. By awakening to what teens are going through, parents can more effectively and lovingly support their teens on their journey into adulthood. This intensive will empower parents with the tools to not only effectively communicate with their teens, but also work through some of the challenges from their teenage years that unconsciously impact their relationships with their children today.

The Parent Journey is such an integral part of the Teen Journey program, it is mandatory for at least one of the parents to attend this intensive. From our experience we have come to understand that there is a direct connection between Parent Journey and Teen Journey: the positive shifts that can occur in relationships between teens and parents who really commit to these programs together is remarkable. Our enduring commitment to lasting positive change in families led to the development of this intensive, and we offer one place inclusive in the price of the program to ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation. Extra spaces can be booked for an additional cost (to be advised).

You can read our 2012 Parent Journey Brochure here to get an idea about the program.

Camp Price

$1250.00 per person

Taxes do not apply

What The Fee Includes

  • 10 day camp
  • 9 nights at Ruby Lake Resort in shared accommodations
  • All meals during camp
  • Ferry transportation from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, Sunshine Coast, BC on July 26
  • Bus transportation from Langdale to Ruby Lake Resort on July 26 (parents will pick up their teen(s) at Ruby Lake Resort on August 4 following Parent Journey)
  • Workshops led by amazing leaders and facilitators
  • Follow up meetings & events to continue the sense of community in the year following camp
  • One FREE PLACE for Parent Journey!


To register for Teen Journey Summer Camp 2014, please email teenjourney@hotmail.com and we will send you the Registration Packet.

Please send your deposit of $300, payable to Teen Journey Society at the address below. Final payment is due by June 15th.

Teen Journey Society
c/o 7348 Ridge Drive
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1B5